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Lifestyle Session vs. Studio Session: What’s Right For You? One of the reasons that I love doing what I do is that I get to provide gorgeous memories that will last a lifetime. The reality of the situation, though, is that everyone wants something different. That’s one of the amazing challenges that comes with being a photographer. I get to meet so many amazing people and clients that let me bring out the personalities in their families, their children, and their teeny tiny precious little newborn babies. One of the hardest things for clients to decide, though, is whether or not they want a studio session or a lifestyle session, so I’m here to help you make that tough choice! One of the huge benefits of a studio session is that you have a lot more control of the situation – you’re able to get those perfectly posed moments when it comes to a newborn baby. We have the advantage of having all of my props, the perfect lighting, the nice warm studio (I keep it warm in here to keep the baby happy!). These are the more traditional form of newborn photos – and one that I LOVE doing. I love getting creative with your newborn photos to capture their little personalities and give you a classic portrait to remember forever. Lifestyle sessions, on the other hand, are a little more raw and unposed. We get to capture your new baby in your home – with your new normal. We can do things like incorporate pets, go to various different parts of your home that have special significance to you. Right when you get home with your new family member, you’ll find that life looks a little different. The beauty of lifestyle photography is that I can help you capture and remember that – the lounging on the couch with the dog and a snuggly newborn or sweet moments with your baby laid out in his or her new crib. It’s what life is really like with a newborn. With your studio session, we can do fun things like choose props that match the decor of your nursery or your home. We can showcase your favorite hair accessories for the baby (and trust me, I’ve got some great ones of my own, too!). There’s just something about those sweet portraits of your little one all curled up and snuggly and sleeping.

Either way, your life looks a little different now. You’ve got a new, very special member of the family. Lifestyle or studio session? Ultimately, it’s really about your personal preference. I’m happy to accommodate whatever it is that feels right to capture you and your growing family. Follow your heart – and if you need a little guidance, I’m happy to talk it out further with you.